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Custom Orders

We can custom manufacture our Beaded Curtains, Beaded Chandeliers, String Curtains, Beaded Columns and more. You can pick whatever length, color and strand density you desire! We DO have a minimum order requirement for custom orders. We can do in-house fabrication often times so if you can think it up, we'll help you figure out if we can help you to get it done. We want to be your problem solvers!

For custom orders please call or email us with your information. Call 928-855-6075 or email

Custom length acrylic beaded curtains up to 30 Feet long are available with a minimum 36pcs OR $1,000 order (whichever comes first) and have a 6-8 week lead time. RUSH CUSTOM ORDERS can be Air Shipped from our factory and will arrive in 3-4 weeks. Air Freight is painfully expensive so if you have lead time, we can save you a ton of money! Custom color acrylic beaded curtains are available with a minimum order of 100 standard sized curtains or the equivalent length of strands. Call us at (928) 855-6075 with your questions. For large projects, strands of beads in custom lengths (with or without header rod) are available as custom orders in large quantities. Please call for RUSH delivery custom order information. Custom orders are not returnable and are sold on a prepaid basis or by contract.

We are also offering in-house customization for certain projects. Please call us and let us know what you need. We are problem solvers!

If you only need a couple of custom acrylic beaded curtains and they are smaller in size than what we offer on our site, we regret that we cannot have them made or make them here for you. But we are super wonderful at coming up with alternatives and/or helping you to do-it-yourself!